About SLAM


An acronym that we believe is fundamental to grab and maintain the attention of young minds.

STEM . Learning . Arts . Makerspace
Learning by doing!

SLAM Principles

We don’t teach, we facilitate. We provide advice and assist inquiry. We provide structure but allow creativity to flourish. We encourage questions, but then ask the kids to help us answer them. We recognise that the best learning is through personal research, peer and facilitator feedback – and failure!

SLAM Australia

SLAM Australia, trading as SLAM Education, is a Newcastle Start-up founded in April, 2017 to provide after school and vacation activities that will allow today’s kids to grow and thrive in this new and exciting world where collaboration, creativity, design thinking and use of technology will be fundamental to reaching their full potential.

Our target age range is nominally kids who are between 8-14 years old (Late Primary/Early Secondary or Stages 3 and 4 in the education system) but younger kids are welcome following discussion with their Parents/Guardians.

SLAM Programmes are all managed by qualified teachers skilled in project based learning and design thinking techniques.

We also provide professional learning and ongoing support to schools and individual teachers as they adjust to the new national  STEM curricula and teaching methods.

SLAM added consulting to their services in 2019 in a collaboration with the AustSTEM Foundation to design and create content for their websites, and to design and implement an online introductory course for their STEM Journey

Our Directors

Learn all about our co-founders and Directors on our Consulting Services page