Professional Learning

The SLAM Education team have a track record of developing cutting-edge learning experiences for students and teachers.

With a combined expertise in teaching, professional learning, curriculum, software development, educational technologies, events, community development, graphics design, website development and augmented reality, SLAM Education can meet your learning experience needs

Whole-of-school professional learning


SLAM has developed and delivered an innovative Next Level Professional Programme that provides dedicated face-to-face and online support to all of a Primary School’s staff over a 12 month period. It provides

  • 25 hours of F2F hours for each lead teacher

  • 12 hours of F2F hours for participant teachers

  • opportunity for continued online learning

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Supporting the STEM Journey


SLAM is currently collaborating with the AustSTEM Foundation in the development of a blended, self-paced, online professional learning course in support of their STEM Experiential Learning Journey.

The STEM Journey is supported by a Class Kit of 15 Kookaberries, accessories and peripherals

The course will familiarise teachers with the operation of the Kookaberry, including connection of peripherals and its suite of learning-focused apps. It will guide teachers in building their own learning experiences for students.

The course will deliver 5 hours of professional learning and include at least one hour of online mentoring and support.

On completion of the course, teachers will be accredited as an AustSTEM teacher.

Whilst the online course is being developed, SLAM is delivering the course face-to-face or via Zoom.