Rob McTaggart, Director Teacher & Learning, SLAM Education


Rob is an experienced teacher of STEM in primary schools, and has designed, developed and delivered STEM professional learning courses which have earned endorsement by NESA at the highest level.

He is a member of the NSW Department of Education’s T4L team where, amongst other things,  he developed their online resources lending library and……….. He has just completed a major project for……. which………...


He is a skilled and practical designer of interactive websites and the creator of NRMA’s ……. He is currently designing a self paced, blended online professional learning course in support of the AustSTEM Foundation’s STEM Experiential Learning Journey


Relevant Experience

  • CEO and co-founder of SLAM Education since May 2017. SLAM is a provider of educational services based in Newcastle and is collaborating with the AustSTEM Foundation in the design and maintenance of their AustSTEM and Kookaberry websites and the design and  development of training materials in support of their STEM Experiential Learning Journey.