Who We Are


An acronym that we believe is fundamental to grab and maintain the attention of young minds.

STEM . Learning . Arts . Makerspace
Learning by doing!

SLAM Principles

We don’t teach, we facilitate. We provide advice and assist inquiry. We provide structure but allow creativity to flourish. We encourage questions, but then ask the kids to help us answer them. We recognise that the best learning is through personal research, peer and facilitator feedback – and failure!

SLAM Australia

SLAM Australia, trading as SLAM Education, is a Newcastle Start-up founded in April, 2017 to provide after school and vacation activities that will allow today’s kids to grow and thrive in this new and exciting world where collaboration, creativity, design thinking and use of technology will be fundamental to reaching their full potential.

Our target age range is nominally kids who are between 8-14 years old (Late Primary/Early Secondary or Stages 3 and 4 in the education system) but younger kids are welcome following discussion with their Parents/Guardians. There will be no more than 20 kids per Facilitator.

SLAM Programmes will be managed by qualified teachers skilled in project based learning techniques.

We will also be providing professional learning and ongoing support to teachers as they adjust to the changes in STEM curricula and teaching methods being brought in nationally.

Communities must be involved in helping their kids gain the education necessary to make the transition to a technology based and information driven economy. SLAM Education will therefore work through schools and their P&C’s in the delivery of their services.

SLAM Vision and Hunter Pilot

Our vision is to offer our services to all Australians, and to establish SLAM Centres in major cities to provide a richer SLAM experience, and the opportunity for Local Government, Welfare Agencies, and Business/Industry to work with our kids on designing solutions to community concerns and related problems.

We are starting in the Hunter, as this is the best Region in Australia to pilot this project. There is an eco-system of STEM education culture in the Hunter, comprising the ME Programme supported by Defence and local industry; the innovative Yr9/10 iSTEM curriculum developed by Scott Sleap at Maitland Grossman High School in Maitland in 2013, and now established in over 100 schools in NSW; and an  Apprenticeship scheme integrated with the ME Programme.

SLAM Education services will be piloted in Hunter Region Primary schools during the remainder of 2017, and extended during 2018.


Who are we?


John is a systems engineer with extensive international telecommunications project and employee relations experience. He retired from Telstra in 2000 after three years as GM, Organisation Development. He is currently Manager Education Projects for The Warren Centre, where he is pursuing a fourth career promoting STEM education in general, and Primary education in particular.

Co-founder/Director Teaching & Learning

Rob McTaggart is an education consultant and K-6 teacher specialising in digital technologies. He has developed flasgship design challenges including the Digital Sparks Technology Design Challenge for NSW public schools and the NRMA Future of Transport Challenge.

Rob has developed design thinking frameworks for education including RAPID Design for students and teachers. He develops learning experiences and educational resources including live events, design challenges, online learning portals and augmented reality experiences. He is also a learning designer with NSW Department of Education’s STEMShare Community project and supported the design of the project’s new Learning Library.

Co-founder/Director Business Development & Strategy

Ton is a business leader with 20 years of experience in business and technology leadership roles across the globe. He has spent the majority of his career with HP where he set up organisations in Europe and ANZ. He is currently an independent consultant for the Internet of Things & Smart City industry. Ton is passionate to make a difference and prepare kids for the new economy.