Lived Experience Program

Bridge the gap between academia and industry with our Lived Experience Program. This immersive program empowers students with the practical skills they need to thrive in the professional world. They'll gain valuable hands-on experience, enhancing their employability and preparing them for success from day one.

For universities, our program is a key strategic partnership. We facilitate students in applying and enriching their academic learning within authentic work environments, providing them with a competitive edge in the job market.

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Who this is for

Universities seeking to offer the opportunity for students to gain practical industry experience in a simulated work environment with real Industry clients that contribute to the development of future talent, while benefiting from fresh perspectives on real projects.


For Australia to remain competitive, university graduates must be equipped with industry-relevant knowledge and skills, ready to contribute value in professional workplaces immediately after graduation.

The 2021 Industry University Collaboration Review emphasized the critical role of high-quality industry experience for future graduates, underscoring the need for collaborative efforts between universities and businesses to provide students with practical work experience and exposure to real-world technology, enabling them to acquire the skills demanded by the industry.


We Partner with universities to integrate the program into the curriculum, engage with industry partners to identify and contribute real-world projects and establish mentorship initiatives to guide students through their simulated work experiences both short and long term to improve their job prospects.


Key priorities

  • Enhanced employability of graduates as they emerge with practical job ready skills, making them highly desirable to employers
  • Students will become aware of the importance of 21st Century skills to their future careers as they practice them, take ownership and gain critical insights into what it will take to succeed in a work environment.
  • Connecting students with industry professionals creates valuable networking opportunities that open career doors and enhance their job prospects.

The program provides the opportunity to research and apply best practice and to support their success and attain a depth of understanding of business skills that is typically not anticipated in new graduates until they have accumulated one to two years of professional experience.

Program details

Our Program is designed to expose students to key aspects of a professional work environment ensuring an authentic learning experience with Industry clients providing real projects.

We provide a lived workplace experience including challenges such as project management, billing, reporting, pay & performance, presentations and critically meeting client expectations as a consultant.

Students will set their own code of conduct and workplace expectations that they believe will meet the standards and outcomes they aim to achieve.

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