Slam’s Ton Dijkgraaf to Deliver AI Keynote Address

Slam’s Director of Business Development & Strategy, Ton Dijkgraaf, will be a keynote speaker at a major industry conference in October 2024. This event focuses on innovation and its impact on various sectors, and Ton’s participation highlights his expertise in leveraging technology for real-world advancements.

Ton has over 25 years of experience driving innovation across different industries. From pioneering open data exploration in 2000 to spearheading early Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and leading global transformation programs, Ton has consistently been at the forefront of technological change.

Ton Dijkgraaf will be unpacking the potential of AI within organisations

His role as an early adopter of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for various applications showcases his commitment to leveraging these technologies for tangible business outcomes. Ton’s areas of expertise include just-in-time supply chain optimization, smart cities development, and enhancing manufacturing and operations efficiency – all areas that hold valuable insights for the education sector as well.

The conference theme, “Emerging Frontiers: Navigating Risk, Innovation and Sustainability,” aligns perfectly with Ton’s experience in navigating technological disruptions and fostering business model innovation. His keynote address will focus on Theme 9: AI and Beyond: Revolutionising the Industry, where he’ll delve into the potential of AI and its impact on various sectors, including continuous learning and education.

Ton’s participation in this important conference is a testament to his knowledge and abilities as a leader in technological innovation. By attending similar industry events, education leaders and professionals can gain valuable insights into how emerging technologies like AI can transform teaching, learning, and administrative processes.

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